Fruit growers at Orange in New South Wales have been shocked by the discovery of counterfeit cherry boxes in China. Recent storms and rainfall have increased the urgency for cherry growers to pick their fruit before the extra moisture causes any splitting or cracking. Now another challenge has hit the group marketing its fruit under the BiteRiot brand, with a number of counterfeit BiteRiot boxes of cherries uncovered in China…Full Article: Fresh Plaza Dec 2014

Key Point

  • The company was alerted by a customer and has yet to trace the origin of the counterfeit cherries.

ChinaAg Comment

  • From 2009 to 2011, Hong Kong imports of fresh cherries increased from 18,300 MTs to 31,800 MTs. The top cherry suppliers to Hong Kong were Chile, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Argentina. Over the same time period, mainland China imports of fresh cherries increased from 6,184 MTs to 23,773. Chile, the United States, and New Zealand were the top suppliers. Overall (i.e. China, Hong Kong, and Macau), in 2011, Chile had a 68% share of the import market by volume, while the U.S. and Canada had a 26% and 2.8% import market share, respectively. All other suppliers had an import market share of less than one percent in 2011.

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