Chinese agricultural scientists have developed a new highland breed of barley which yielded 5,265 kilograms a hectare, setting a new domestic output record. The hybrid breed, “Kunlun 14”, produced the record harvest during a trial planting in the Tibetan-inhabited Haiyan County of northwest China’s Qinghai Province, the provincial academy of agriculture and forestry told Xinhua Friday [28 November 2014]. The crop beat the former record holder “Chaiqing 1” with an 11.89 percent larger yield. Top-quality seeds, advanced cultivation methods and fertile farmland are needed to increase the barley output, according to the academy…Full Article: Xinhua Nov 2014

Key Points

  • Barely is a staple food In the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, with approximately 70% of Tibetan farmland dedicated to barley production.  Highland barley is generally grown at 1,000 meters (~0.62 miles) above sea-level on the plateau.
  • Kunlun 14 has anti-cold and drought-resistant properties, as well as additional nutritional qualities (e.g. the amino acid lysine).

ChinaAg Comments

  • China is not a major barley producer. In 2011, China accounted for only one percent (~1.6 million MTs) of the world’s barley production.
  • From 2007 to 2012, mainland China barley imports increased from 913,199 MTs to 2 million MTs (+177%), with equivalent values rising from US$266.8 million to US$781.2 million (+193%). Australia was the dominant supplier, accounting for 82% of China’s imports by volume in 2012. Canada was a secondary supplier and accounted for 12% of imports in 2012.

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