A US delegation signed a series of cooperation agreements with agriculture companies in Jiangxi province [southeastern China] on Wednesday, a move to boost exports of local farm produce. Invited by the Ministry of Agriculture, senior experts from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the US Agriculture Products Futures Trading Union visited Jiangxi on Thursday [30 October 2014], exchanging opinions and experiences with enterprises from the province. The delegation consisted of senior experts and market analysts from the US…Full Article: China Daily Oct 2014

Key Point

  • During the visit to China, the US delegation discussed developing a food supply chain (e.g. logistics) along the Mississippi River.

ChinaAg Comment

  • Jiangxi Province is landlocked but it does contain two internal ports. The first is Jiujiang Port located on the Yangtze River while the second is Nanchang Port on the Gan River. Both are upstream from the mouth of the Yangtze River near Shanghai.

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