Chinese authorities have lifted a temporary ban on the importation of Fonterra Cooperative Group’s whey powder and dairy base powder used in the manufacture of infant formula that has been in place since August last year in the wake of the dairy company’s botulism scare. At the time, Fonterra chief executive Theo Spierings said he was confident the suspension could be lifted within 48 hours. Fonterra is refusing further comment on the move which was announced by the Ministry for Primary Industries…Full Article: Scoop Media Oct 2014

Key Points

  • Why protein is used to produce infant formula.
  • The ban did not affect exports of whole milk powder, skim milk powder, and infant milk formula, though China increased the rigorousness in which it inspected those products.
  • Russia also banned whey shipments from New Zealand at the same time as China (ban still in effect as of October 2014).

ChinaAg Comments

  • On 12 August 2013, New Zealand’s Prime Minister called for a government inquiry into the Fonterra botulism scare.
  • On 11 August 2013, Fonterra recalled batches of milk powder in Sri Lanka due to the detection of “farm chemicals”.
  • On 2 August 2013, Fonterra announced that some of its infant formula and sports drinks produce were contaminated with a type of bacteria that could cause botulism. A total of 38 tons of whey protein was said to be contaminated.

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