The Chinese government is trying to convince Zhou Guangxiu that the corn in the congee she wants to feed her son is safe. That may not be easy. Zhou, the owner of a recycling business in the northeast coastal city of Weihai, said one source of her concern was an anonymous article shared online by her friends that alleges genetically modified crops cause infertility in Asians, part of a United States ploy against China. She fears her 21-year-old son won’t have his own family if she feeds him the corn-meal porridge. “I definitely won’t let my son eat it,” Zhou said by telephone. “It’s not just me. All our friends are worried. All the corn grown now is genetically modified.”…Full Article: China Daily Oct 2014

Key Points

  • On 28 September 2014, China’s Ministry of Agriculture began a media campaign to combat the perceived risks associated with genetically modified food.
  • In 2020, China is projected (by the USDA) to become the world’s largest corn importer.

ChinaAg Comment

  • In August 2014, China allowed the safety for two GM rice varieties and one GM corn variety to expire (i.e. no commercialization).

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