The finishing touches are being put to a new Australian company which will run 50 dairy farms in Victoria. Tasmanian investor Troy Harper is setting up the new company which will have backing from international investors including China. Mr Harper from Linear Capital says the plan is to run the 50 dairy farms, increase production by 50 per cent and construct two new processing plants in Victoria…Full Article: ABC Rural Oct 2014

Key Point

  • According to the Tasmanian investor, Australia has approximately 4,500 dairy farms.

ChinaAg Comments

  • Chinese imports of milk can be divided between non-concentrated (e.g. fresh) and concentrated (e.g. condensed, powder, etc.). Overall, China imports far more concentrated milk than fresh milk. New Zealand is China’s top supplier of both types of milk thanks in part to Fonterra, the country’s largest company.
  • Australia is the second largest exporter of fresh milk to China after New Zealand.

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