Minquan county, in Henan province, used to be an impoverished agricultural region with a large population and weak industrial foundations. Today it is a major player in China’s refrigeration industry. Nicknamed “China’s Cool Valley”, Minquan High-tech Zone features industries including machinery manufacturing, wine processing and its major business- refrigeration. More than 80 refrigeration companies are in the zone and nearly half of the refrigeration trucks used in the country are produced in Minquan…Full Article: China Daily Sept 2014

Key Point

  • The large Chinese refrigeration companies of Aucma (based in Qingdao, Shandong Province) and Wanbao (based in Guangzhou) have manufacturing facilities in the Minquan High-tech Zone. It is hoped by 2015 that the zone will have the capacity to produce 20 million refrigerators and more than 20,000 refrigerated truck units.

ChinaAg Comment

  • According to a study (Southwest University in Chongqing) that was referenced in a 2012 article, only 80,000 metric tons of Tongnan County’s yearly 1.6 million MTs (~5%) of fresh produce is refrigerated in cold storage before being sold.

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