Indian rice exporters keen to tap the Chinese market want the Union Government to take up the issue of non-tariff barriers with visiting President Xi Jinping this week. China, which began importing rice for the past four years, has not granted access to the Indian non-basmati rice in absence of any defined phytosanitary norms between the two neighbouring countries. However, China has been sourcing its requirement from countries such as Pakistan, Vietnam and Thailand. Though China opened up its market for Indian basmati in 2012, the non-basmati varieties cannot be exported because of a lack of a phyto protocol…Full Article: The Hindu Business Line Sept 2014

Key Point

  • Indian trade sources stated that they believe the import ban on non-basmati rice is politically motivated as China imports non-basmati rice from Pakistan. At the same time, Russia, who has “stringent” phytosanitary requirements for rice, imports Indian rice without any major issues.

ChinaAg Comment

  • From 2006 to 2011, Thailand was the primary supplier of rice to the China. Starting in 2010, a shift towards Vietnamese imports began to occur and by 2012, Vietnam overtook Thailand as the top supplier to China. Small secondary suppliers of note include Lao, Australia, and Pakistan.

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