New Zealand and China are to work together in research that supports the kiwifruit – or Chinese gooseberry industry, particularly in studying diseases such as Psa [bacterial kiwifruit vine disease], under an agreement signed by two government agencies. New Zealand’s Plant and Food government research institute and the Sichuan Provincial Academy of Natural Resource Sciences (SPANRS) would establish the China-New Zealand Joint Laboratory for Kiwifruit Research, Plant and Food announced Monday [1 September 2014]…Full Article The Global Times Sept 2014

Key Point

  • Starting in 2010, New Zealand’s kiwifruit orchards began suffering from Psa bacterium outbreaks. By November 2012, approximately 68% (only 26% in 2011) of the country’s kiwifruit orchards were adversely affected by the disease. In February 2013 New Zealand confirmed that the 2010 outbreak originated from China.

ChinaAg Comment

  • Since 2008, when China and New Zealand signed bilateral free trade agreement, New Zealand exports to China have tripled from US$1.69 billion to US$5.88 billion (2012).

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