The Ministry of Agriculture of China (MOA) published on Thursday (21 August 2014) the approval of import of 10 genetically modified varieties for commercialization. For soybeans, are released the A2704-12 (Bayer), MON89788 (Monsanto) and 305423 (Pioneer) varieties. For the corn MON88017 (Bayer), MON89034 (Monsanto), NK603 (Monsanto), GA21 (Syngenta) and MIR604 (Syngenta) varieties were approved…Full Article: Portal Bragança Notícias Aug 2014

Key Point

  • Brazil’s Secretary of Agribusiness International Relations praised the bilateral trade agreement that would allow the free flow of GM soybeans and maize.

ChinaAg Comment

  • In 2013, China imported more than 24 million MTs of soybeans and 4 million MTs of corn.

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