China will directly export fruit and vegetables to Russia after the Russian government banned import of agricultural products from western suppliers, according to on Tuesday [12 August 2014]. Baorong, a wholesale company dealing with agricultural products between China and Russia, is reportedly building a special logistics center in Heilongjiang province’s Dongning, which is near the border of Russia’s Far East…Full Article: China Daily Aug 2014

A similar customs control zone will be set up at Suifenhe port in southeast Heilongjiang with investment of 1 billion yuan (US$162 million). Work will be completed in late 2015, Cao said…Full Article: China Daily Aug 2014

Key Points

  • On 8 August 2014, China and Russia signed an agreement to ease restrictions of the movement of fruit and vegetables (China to Russia), and timber (Russia to China).
  • Russia’s agricultural trade ban should benefit Brazil (increased exports of chicken, pork, beef, corn, and soybeans) and Chilean exports of fish.

ChinaAg Comment

  • Russia’s agricultural trade with China is dominated by Russia’s exportation of timber/wood products and seafood. All other agricultural products from Russia are minimal. Russia’s agricultural imports from China are modest and typically consist of value-added products such as processed vegetables, fruits, nuts and seafood. Russia also imports a fair amount of fresh vegetables from China.

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