Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry estimates that beef exports to China in 2015 may total between US$800 million and US$1.2 billion, or 20 percent of Brazil’s total foreign exports. In July [2014] China announced it had lifted the embargo on Brazilian beef that had been in place for 18 months. Brazilian meat sales to china totaled US$37.7 million in 2012…Full Article: MacauHub Aug 2014

Key Points

  • During the first half of 2014, Hong Kong imported 192,000 tons (~US$794.5 million) of beef.
  • Brazil has eight Chinese sanctioned abattoirs (slaughterhouses) that they can export beef from, with an additional nine that should be cleared by the end of 2014 (17 total).

ChinaAg Comment

  • Brazil has been to the top supplier of beef to the China, but the U.S. has emerged as a solid secondary supplier. However, nearly all imports of U.S. beef enter through Hong Kong or Macao due to an import ban by mainland China. Other noteworthy Chinese beef suppliers include Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Argentina, and Canada.

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