McDonald’s Corp, working to resume sales of beef and chicken in China this week after a supplier was accused of repackaging old meat, said the situation is hurting its sales in Asia. “McDonald’s businesses in China, Japan and certain other markets are experiencing a significant negative impact to results,” the US fast-food company said in a filing on Monday [4 August 2014]. While McDonald’s said it cannot yet estimate the full effect on 2014 earnings, the areas affected make up about 10 percent of consolidated revenue and the company’s global same-store sales forecast for the year is “at risk”…Full Article: China Daily Aug 2014

Key Point

  • In Hong Kong, McDonald’s had to stop selling fresh corn cups, green salad and fresh lemon tea since these items were primarily sourced from OSI processors in Hebei and Gaungzhou.

ChinaAg Comment

  • In July 2014, Shanghai Husi, a division of US-based OSI Group LLC, was found to have sold expired meat to McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Seven-Eleven and FamilyMart (Japan-based convenience store).

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