A professor at Huazhong Agricultural University is suspected of getting involved in a genetically modified (GM) rice scandal in Wuhan, Central China’s Hubei province, the Beijing Youth Daily reported. CCTV reported over the weekend that three out of five bags of rice bought at supermarkets in Wuhan were found to contain Bt63, an ingredient from a GM rice string named Bt Shanyou 63. Bt63 GM rice was developed and patented by Huazhong Agricultural University…Full Article: China Daily July 2014

Key Point

  • Bt63 GM rice (pest-resistance), was developed by Huazhong Agricultural University and was granted “GM organism safety certification” in 2009. To date, Bt63 has not been allowed to be commercially grown.

ChinaAg Comment

  • In January 2014, China was examining the possibility using rice that has been genetically modified to contain a gene from corn. The hybrid rice would include the C4 gene from maize. As a rule, C4 crops (e.g. maize and sugarcane) have a better photosynthesis capacity than C3 crops such as rice, wheat, and soybeans.

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