Authorities in Nanning town, in the Zhuang du Guangxi region are trying to save a banana harvest that has been severely damaged by typhoon Rammasun. On Tuesday [22 July 2014], over 1.6 million banana trees in Tanluo were knocked over by the storm, with financial loss at over 58 million Yuans…Full Article: Fresh Plaza July 2014 

Key Point

  • Typhoon Rammasun (aka Typhoon Glenda) formed on 10 July 2014, hit Hainan Island (China) on 17 July, and dissipated om 20 July.

ChinaAg Comment

  • As a tropical fruit, banana production is primarily confined to southern China. In 2011, Guangdong province produced 3.8 million MTs or 37% of China’s bananas. Guangxi province produced 2 million MTs or 20% of total output, while the island of Hainan (China’s smallest province) accounted for 18% of Chinese output or 1.9 million MTs.

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