Tasmanian apple growers are upbeat about the prospects of a growing Asian export market, following the sale of the first Australian apples direct to Shanghai in China. The state’s biggest apple grower has sent 200 boxes of Royal Gala apples [red with some green-yellow coloration] to an online company in China, which delivers the apples direct to the customer’s door…Full Article: ABC June 2014

Key Points

  • Tasmanian apple produces stated that they were able to maintain profit margins (despite higher labor costs vis-à-vis China) owing to selling directly to an online retailer, which cuts out exporters, importers, and wholesalers distributors.
  • Tasmania is known for Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Sundowner and Fuji apples, with Tiger Fuji, Rubigold, and Royal Gala apples being shipped to markets in Asia

ChinaAg Comment

  • In 2010, Tasmanian apples were officially allowed to be exported to China after obtaining “pest free status” (e.g. fruit fly). However, due to the poor exchange rate between the Australian dollar and Chinese yuan (AU$ 1 = 6.2 CNY in 2010) shipments were negligible

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