During the Afro-Chinese Investment Forum, Mr. Terrab asserted that the fertilizer industry is the most appropriate for joint investment by the Office Charifians Des Phosphates and China and provided data to justify his claims, according to the same source. Mr. Terrab revealed that Africa needs more than 20 million tons of fertilizer which necessitates the establishment of more than 20 fertilizer production units at a cost of over US $30 billion…Full Article: Morocco World News June 2014

Key Point

  • Morocco’s OCP is looking establish two phosphate factories at a cost of US$2 billion

ChinaAg Comments

  • From 1980 to 2011, China’s chemical fertilizer usage has shifted to compound fertilizers at the expense of nitrogen fertilizers, despite the latter’s net consumption growth. The share of nitrogen fertilizer consumption fell from 74% to approximately 42% of total consumption. Meanwhile, the share of compound fertilizer consumption increased from under 5% to roughly 35%. Phosphate’s share fell from 21% to 15%, and the share of potash increased from under 5% to approximately 12% of total consumption.
  • In 2011, Henan province consumed 2.4 million MTs of nitrogen fertilizer (10% of China’s total), 2.4 million MTs of compound fertilizer (13% of China’s total), 1.2 million MTs of phosphate fertilizer (15% of China’s total), and 634,300 MTs of potash (10% consumption share).

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