Since the launch of the “Zelenyĭ corridor” [“Green corridor”] connecting Kazakhstan with China, fruit and vegetable imports have reached a total of $ 15.2 million U.S. dollars, reports with data from the Department of Customs of the Almaty region. The most important products imported have been tomatoes (29.2 %), apples (21.1 %), cucumbers (19.5 %), peppers (9.1 %), cabbage (3.8 %), oranges (2.4 %), aubergines (1.9 %) and tangerines (1.5 %)…Full Article: June 2014

Key Points

  • In December 2013, the Zeleny corridor opened in Bakhty, East Kazakhstan Province and in its cross border checkpoint in Paikitu, Xinjiang Region, China
  • The corridor does not mean that there will be complete uncontrolled movement of horticulture products from Kazakhstan into China

ChinaAg Comment

  • China also imports wheat from Akmola province, central Kazakhstan

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