China retained its position as the US largest soybean importer in 2013, with 24.6 million metric tons in imports, said Michael Schechtman, biotechnology coordinator for the US Department of Agriculture, on Tuesday in Beijing…Full Article: May 2014

Key Point

  • In 2013, China imported approximately 4 million MTs of corn for use primarily in their animal feed industry

ChinaAg Comments

  • From January-Oct 2012, China imported 16.4 million MTs of soybeans from the U.S., 22.2 million MTs from Brazil, 4.2 million MTs from Argentina, and 1.3 million MTs from other countries (e.g. Uruguay, Canada, etc.). From 2006 to 2011, Chinese imports of U.S. soybeans increased from 9.8 million to 22.2 million MTs, or by 125%. The second largest supplier was Brazil, with Chinese imports rising from 11.6 million to 20.6 million MTs, or by 77%. Argentina, the third largest soybean supplier, saw their exports to China rise from 6.2 million to 7.7 million MTs, or by 25%.
  • From 2006 to 2009, Chinese corn imports were relatively flat and ranged from 79,000 to 164,000 MTs per year. Imports began to take off in 2010 (specifically from June-November), and topped 1.6 million MTs. The following year saw a slight uptick to 1.7 million MTs imported, with values climbing past the US$500 million mark. From Jan-Oct 2012 (latest available data), imports surged to unprecedented levels, exceeding 4 million MTs.

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