Genetically modified food research groups in China will strengthen supervision of GM samples following an alleged case of theft at a research base in Hainan province on April 11 [2014]. A notice from the Ministry of Agriculture last month said stealing the country’s GM technology and seed samples could cause irreparable damage to the nation. Research organizations must pay close attention to this threat, it added…Full Article: China Daily May 2014

Key Point

  • In April 2014, two Greenpeace activists were found to collecting crop (e.g. seeds and leaves) samples research field at Huazhong Agricultural University, Hainan province. The university noted concern over the possible spread of GM materials, while the activists stated they were testing the samples to ensure that if any of the non-sanctioned GM fields surrounding the research field were contaminated.

ChinaAg Comment

  • In March 2014, it was made known that in 2013 officials in Hainan province destroyed GM corn and cotton crops that were illegally planted in field trials

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