Chinese customers may have renewed confidence their Australian wine and goods purchases are the real deal with a proposed ‘authenticity app’. China’s CTV has reported that up to 50 per cent of wine sold in China could have fake labels…Full Article: ABC Rural May 2014

Key point

  • A test case for the bottle label identity application will be carried out by Western Australia’s Ferngrove Wine Group (located in Frankland River region, southwest WA) in the coming months. The company has exported wine to China for over 10 years via Perth.

ChinaAg Comment

  • From 2007 to 2012, mainland China’s bottled wine imports skyrocketed from 42.2 million liters to 264.2 million liters (+525%), while equivalent import values increased from US$184 million to US$1.37 billion (+648%). France was the top supplier and saw its import market share (by volume) increase from 37% to 48% over the same time period. In a distant second was Australia, with an import market share that dwindled from 21% to 13%. The next largest suppliers, Spain and Chile, each saw their market share increase two percent, accounting for a 10% and 8% share in 2012, respectively. All other suppliers (71 countries) collectively saw their market share decline from 28% to 22%.

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