Strong international demand for New Zealand apples appears to be outpacing supply this season. Paul Paynter, general manager of Hawkes Bay-based [i.e. east coast of Northern Island] grower-packer-marketer Yummy Fruit Company, says his company hasn’t experienced any pressure on pricing, with a shorter than anticipated production volume  the only obstacle for sales programmes…Full Article: Fruitnet Apr 2014

Key point

  • According to the Chief Executive of Pipfruit New Zealand, 2014 New Zealand apple exports to China will likely be below 2013’s volume of 9,500 MTs.
  • New Zealand voluntarily halted apple exports after Chinese officials detected fungal rot (e.g. Neofabraea alba) in late 2013. Exports were reinstated in February 2014 after New Zealand implemented new somewhat costly quality control protocols.
  • China primarily imports the apple varieties of Royal Gala, Pacific Rose TM and Pacific Queen TM from New Zealand.

ChinaAg Comments

  • In 2010, Tasmanian apples were officially allowed to be exported to China, but failed to do so owing to the unprofitable exchange rate between the Australian dollar and Chinese yuan (AU$ 1 = 6.2 CNY in 2010).
  • In early 2012, China banned imports of Washington apples (80% of U.S. supply) after “postharvest diseases” (e.g. rot) were detected in a shipment.

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