Residents of Binhai New District, Taiping Town in Tianjin City (near Beijing) normally would be only able to buy blueberries at supermarkets, but this summer it’s going to be different. Residents of Binhai will be able to hand pick the blueberries themselves and taste the blueberries at their freshest when the First Blueberry Orchard in the district opens this June…Full Article: Fresh Plaza Apr 2014

Key point

  • The 12 greenhouses (12 acres) will hold 2,400 blueberry plants (June harvest), cherry trees (July harvest), and jujube trees (October/November harvest)

ChinaAg Comment

  • From January 2006 to September 2012, Chinese imports of cranberries, bilberries, and blueberries were somewhat erratic, dipping to 975 metric tons (MTs) in 2009 before increasing to over 3,000 MTs in 2011. Chile, the United States, and North Korea were the top suppliers. From 2006 to September 2012, Chile witnessed their import share (by volume) of China’s market jump from 1% to 54%. The U.S. also saw growth, with their import market share rising from 10% to 31%.

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