For the first time, authorities in China and Australia have allowed quarantine clearance to be fast tracked to allow fresh milk to be exported direct. Dairy Co-operative Norco, in northern NSW, will now be able to send fresh milk to China in seven days Until now, it’s taken up to 21 days to ship fresh milk, dramatically reducing its shelf life overseas…Full Article: ABC Rural Apr 2014

Key point

  • Norco hopes to export 20 million liters of fresh milk, for roughly AU$7-9 or ~US$7.44 per liter, to China over the next year

ChinaAg Comments

  • Chinese imports of milk can be divided between non-concentrated (e.g. fresh) and concentrated (e.g. condensed, powder, etc.). Overall, China imports far more concentrated milk than fresh milk. New Zealand is China’s top supplier of both types of milk thanks in part to Fonterra, the country’s largest company.
  • From 2006 to 2011, Chinese import volumes of fresh milk increased on average 27% per year, surpassing 50,000 MTs in 2010.

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