A polluting pig farm in Linli, a county in Hunan Province, was put under the protection of local police when angry villagers and a local environmental protection agency asked it to take action to reduce its pollution, China Daily has learned. An inscribed tablet hung at the farm’s gate said the farm was under protection of the county police…Full Article: China.org.cn Apr 2014

Key point

  • The pig farm, established in 2008, was ordered by the local environmental protection agency to install sewage treatment facilities, but has yet to comply. The farm stated they would install such a facility by 30 June 2014

ChinaAg Comment

  • China’s pig population and pork production mainly lies along Yangtze River. In 2011, Sichuan province had 51 million pigs (11% of China’s supply) and produced 4.8 million MTs of pork (10% of China’s output). Henan province had 45.6 million pigs and produced 4 million MTs of pork, while Hunan province had 41.5 million heads and also produced 4 million MTs of pork.

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