Hua’s Restaurant in Guijie food street has recently designed an array of new dishes, made with a new ingredient — potatoes imported from the United States of America. Hua’s Restaurant was one of the first to open and become popular on Beijing’s Guijie food street. At a recent press release, the Chinese restaurant announced it is cooperating with Simplot, which supplied fries for MacDonald’s, to offer customers some potato dishes…Full Article: China Daily Apr 2014

Key point

  • The Simplot potatoes, which originate from Washington State and are not genetically modified, are being marketed as “tastier” and “safer” than Chinese potatoes

ChinaAg Comment

  • In 2011, China produced 88.3 million metric tons (MTs) of potatoes or 24% of the world’s potatoes. India was a distant second at 42.3 million MTs or 11% of global production.

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