As the China Agribusiness Cooperation Conference wrapped up in Perth this week, Chinese delegates spent the next couple of days visiting producers and processors in Western Australia. A group of Chinese beef industry representatives and other interested parties, spent April 10 [2014] at Harvey Beef processing facility, where they learned what happens from the farm to the barbecue…Full Article: ABC Rural Apr 2014

Key point

  • Western Australia’s beef supply chain partly consists of Liveringa cattle (Kimberley region, northern WA) being brought down to graze in Yarloop (Southwest region, southern WA)

ChinaAg Comments

  • Brazil has been to the top supplier of beef to the China, but the U.S. has emerged as a solid secondary supplier. However, nearly all imports of U.S. beef enter through Hong Kong or Macao due to a import ban by mainland China. Other noteworthy Chinese beef suppliers include Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Argentina, and Canada.
  • At the moment, China and Australia have not agreed on an animal health protocol that would all for the Australian exports of live feeder and slaughter cattle. Australia currently exports live breeder and dairy cattle.

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