Hohhot City Business Bureau monitoring data shows that recently Hohhot ginger prices are rising rapidly. This month (March) the wholesale price is 11.37 yuan [US$1.83] per half kg, with an increase of 20.57%. Ginger normally enters the market in October and it is expected that ginger prices will continue to rise until that time. Ginger wholesale prices were at 9.05 yuan [US$1.46] per half kg in January 2014, while February’s wholesale price ended at 9.43 yuan [US$1.52] per half kg, an increase of 4.2%…Full Article: Fresh Plaza Mar 2014

Key point

  • Higher ginger prices are blamed on destroyed supply from the 2013 pesticide contamination in Shandong Province, and on hoarding by vendors (ginger can be stored for two to three years)

ChinaAg Comment

  • In May 2013, ginger farmers in Weifang, Shandong Province, were found using the pesticide, aldicarb, at three to six times above the recommended level. In 2012, aldicarb, which is used to control nematodes and insect pests, was suspected in the deaths of 13 people in Anhui Province after they reportedly ate contaminated cucumbers.

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