Mangoes have gone up to 20 yuan [US$3.22] per 500g, and have become fruit for the rich, According to a trader in Binglang, mangoes from Hainan are like gold, selling for 20 yuan per 500g. Changming Zhang from Zhongpu Fruit Wholesaler Market agrees, “Hainan Da Tai Nong mangoes, now cost 8 yuan [US$1.29] per 500g wholesale, last year at this time was only 4 yuan [US$0.64].” The province’s mango season is from May to August, while Hainan’s mango production is early, they begin to sell around February and March, but due to last year’s typhoon, a lot of Hainan mango trees were destroyed or damaged causing low fruit production, meaning prices are greatly affected this year…Full Article: Fresh Plaza Mar 2014

Key point

  • According to the article, the Xiamen market currently has the mango varieties of Yao, Small Tai Nong, Jinyu, Kaite and Gold Emperor; the pear varieties of Ya, Huangguan, Xiang; and cherries from Shandong, Liaoning (China), and Chile

ChinaAg Comment

  • In 2011, Chinese produced 15.7 million MTs of pear (66% of global output) and 32,000 MTs worth of cherries. China was also the second largest producer of mangoes, mangosteens, and guavas.

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