Genetically modified organisms “are good, they help to defend the crops from pests and do not cause any harm. I eat them regularly,” says the Chinese Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu commenting during the ongoing National People’s Congress in Beijing. The minister’s statements “clear the way” for the use of GMOs – a much debated issue in the rest of the world – in farming nationwide in China, reports Asia News…Full Article: BlackSeaGrain Mar 2014

Key point

  • China imports GM soybeans from America, Brazil, and Argentina

ChinaAg Comment

  • As of 2014, China has only approved the commercialization of a handful of genetically modified (GM) plants. These include GM poplar trees, petunias, cotton, papayas, tomatoes, and sweet peppers. As a rule, approvals for commercialization are only granted on a provincial/regional basis (i.e. not country-wide) and only after a long screening process. In 2009, two varieties of GM rice and one variety of GM corn (all developed in China) received “GM organism safety certification” as a possible precursor to commercialization. However, in 2014, this certification was allowed to expire amid poor public support for GM crops.

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