Organic foodies beware – much of the organic produce sold at wet markets may not live up to the advertising, a university survey has found. Of 440 vegetables stalls surveyed in 90 wet markets across the city, 93 claimed to have organic vegetables for sale. But 72 of these could not provide any certification or evidence that their produce had been sourced organically, according to Baptist University’s Hong Kong Organic Resources Centre…Full Article: South China Morning Post Mar 2014

Key point

  • According to the study, 4 (from mainland China) out of 117 sampled vegetables had heavy metal contamination in excess of Australian and EU standards

ChinaAg Comment

  • Founded in December 2002, the HKORC established its organic certification service for organic farmers and food processors in December 2004. As of 2012, the HKORC had certified 122 farms, 5 processors/handlers, and 2 fish farms. (English version)

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