Imported organic products could be the new consumption trend in China as its growing middle class continue to worry over substandard food as well as reports of ‘fake’ organic products. Sydney and Toowoomba-based Arcadian Organic and Natural Meat Co, Australia, sent its first shipment of certified organic Australian beef into the Chinese market last month…Full Article: BlackSeaGrain Feb 2014

Key point

  • The Australian organic beef supplier noted that China did not accept Australian or USDA organic certification standards and instead China sent their own team of inspectors/auditors to certify farms

ChinaAg Comments

  • Brazil has been to the top supplier of beef to the China, but the U.S. has emerged as a solid secondary supplier. However, nearly all imports of U.S. beef enter through Hong Kong or Macao due to a import ban by mainland China. Other noteworthy Chinese beef suppliers include Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Argentina, and Canada.
  •  ThreeSixty is the largest organic food retailer in Hong Kong

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