Chinese investors are interested in Serbia’s fruit farming, Dragan Glamocic, Serbia’s outgoing minister of agriculture, stated in Budimka factory in Pozega, which he visited on Wednesday together with investors from China. On the occasion, guests from China were acquainted with the production capacities of Budimka, one of former leading producers of marmalades, jams, juices and canned fruit…Full Article: Fresh Plaza Feb 2014

Key point

  • Budimka, based in western Serbia, was privatized in 2008, but has since undergone a restructuring process since 2010.

ChinaAg Comment

  • In May 2013, the State Secretary in the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture stated that Chinese entrepreneurs could invest in Serbian agriculture and food production companies as a means to penetrate the markets in which Serbia has free trade agreements with (e.g. the EU, Russia, and CEFTA).

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