While agriculture is Vietnam’s economic strength, the sector is now also full of produce imported from China, not to mention a heavy reliance on Chinese machinery, seeds, and fertilizers. Vietnam spent some $40 million to import up to 15,000 tons of rice seeds from China every year, according to the Department of Cultivation. This is equal to the value of exporting 100,000 tons of high-quality rice…Full article: Tuoi Tre/Tuoi Tre News Dec 2013

Key points

  • Vietnamese fresh produce imports from China include carrots (~US$0.18 per kg in May 2013, ~US$0.12 per kg in October 2013), pumpkins, cabbage (~US$0.08 per kg), citrus fruits, pears, and apples
  • From January to October 2013, Vietnam imported 2 million tons of Chinese fertilizer with a value of US$703.4 million

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