Chinese agricultural officials are close to allowing Washington state’s Red and Golden Delicious apples back into China next month after a two-year ban. It is unclear if that will also open up the US import of apples from China, which produces half the world’s apples. US and Chinese health inspectors “are working closely towards normalizing trade in apples,” Workabeba Yigzaw, a spokesman for the Department of Agriculture (USDA), said…Full article: China Daily Dec 2013

Key point

  • In early 2012, China banned imports of Washington apples (80% of U.S. supply) after “postharvest diseases” were detected in a shipment

ChinaAg Comment

  • Apple production is primarily situated in eastern part of China, with Shaanxi and Shandong provinces producing 9 million MTs (25% of Chinese output) and 8.3 million MTs (23% of Chinese output) in 2011, respectively.

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