Tasmanian winemakers are hoping this year’s Royal Hobart wine show will help them boost exports to China. 2,000 wines from around Australia have been entered in this year’s show…Full-text article: ABC Rural Nov 2013

Key point

  • A Tasmanian winemaker from Coal River Valley stated that he hopes to export his Pinot wines to China

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  • From 2007 to 2012, mainland China’s bottled wine imports skyrocketed from 42.2 million liters to 264.2 million liters (+525%), while equivalent import values increased from US$184 million to US$1.37 billion (+648%). France was the top supplier and saw its import market share (by volume) increase from 37% to 48% over the same time period. In a distant second was Australia, with an import market share that dwindled from 21% to 13%.
  • Unlike mainland China, Hong Kong’s bottled wine import growth was somewhat muted due to a decline over the 2011/2012 period. Volume data was not available for 2012, meaning imports had to be estimated (values were given). From 2007 to 2011, Hong Kong imports increased from 20.6 million liters to 45.5 million liters (+121%), while the import value increased from US$184.6 million to US$1.2 billion (+553%). In 2012, the import value totaled US$997.5 million (+429% versus 2007). Similar to mainland China, France was the top supplier and saw its influence grow, while Australia experienced a decline. From 2007 to 2011, France saw its import market share (by volume) increase from 28% to 37%. Australia, the second largest Hong Kong supplier, saw its import share decrease from 23% to 14%.

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