Premier Li Keqiang has encouraged farmers in Heilongjiang province to plant more crops next year to ensure their own prosperity as well as the nation’s food safety. “As the largest grain producer, Heilongjiang is embracing a good harvest this year in the wake of a devastating flood. The province showed a strong capability to fight against natural disasters as well as its great potential for grain output,” Li said during a visit to the province on Monday [4 November, 2013]…Full-text article: China Daily Nov 2013

Key point

  • According to the Party Chief of Heilongjiang, the province is expected to produce 65 million metric tons in 2013

ChinaAg Comment

  • In 2011, Heilongjiang province produced 26.7 million MTs of corn or 14% of Chinese output. During the same year, the province produced 20.6 million MTs of rice or 10% of Chinese output.

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