It’s a deep red berry used for food, dye and medicine. It’s indigenous to North America only. It has become a mainstay of the annual US Thanksgiving Day feast. And many countries — including China — don’t even have a name for it. But this year more than 2 million pounds of products from that bitter little berry — the cranberry — will be sent to China “We currently have a pretty nice business in Taiwan, but we’ve really focused on China for the obvious reasons — it’s such a large market,” said. Ocean Spray COO Ken Romanzi. “We’re really taking a city-by-city approach. Rather than try and tackle that huge country all at once…Full-text article: China Daily Oct 2013

Key points

  • China primarily consumes dried cranberries (aka “Craisins”) as opposed to juice
  • Founded in 1930 and based in Lakeville, Massachusetts, Ocean Spray is cooperative co-owned by 600 cranberry farmers and 50 grapefruit farmers. Cranberry farmers are primarily located in the US states of Massachusetts, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Oregon and Washington, as well as in British Columbia, Quebec, and Chile
  • Global cranberry production totals approximately 500,000 metric tons per year

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