Chinese are swilling more beer than ever – both in volume and in variety. But while better brews are washing over the market, watery factory-bottled offerings will likely carve out an even larger share than their currently dominant slice, some experts say. Beer surged 30 percent a year from 2007 to 2011, during which time wine’s annual growth evaporated from 50 percent to 12. Spirits also dropped 8 percentage points to 16 percent year-on-year growth by 2011…Full-text article: China Daily Oct 2013

Craft beer began bubbling up through the cracks in China about five years ago. But it may still account for as little as 0.01 percent of the domestic beer market – the world’s largest with 50 billion liters consumed in 2011 alone. In contrast, it makes up 6 percent of the Australian beer market and 12 percent of the US market…Full-text article: China Daily Oct 2013

Key points

  • China’s beer industry categorize beer by taste into nongchun (strong) and danshuang (light), with the latter not necessarily meaning it has a lower alcohol content or calorie intake
  • In 1998, China overtook Germany as the number two consumer of beer, and passed the United States as the top consumer in 2002
  • In 2012, China produced 49 million kiloliters of beer
  • China’s top five beer companies (72% market share) are Snow, Tsingtao, ABInBev (Budweiser), Yanjing and Carlsberg

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