The Shaanxi and Gansu regions were heavily hit by a spring frost. These events decreased the amount of apples in these regions, however the total overall Chinese apple production will increase by as much as 10 percent. The increase in production is due to more apples being grown in the Henan and Hebei provinces…Full-text article: Fresh Plaza Sep 2013

Key point

  • According to the article, the quality of apples will be worse than last year’s (e.g. 2012) due to mold, rots, pests, fungal outbreaks, and heavy July rains

ChinaAg Comment

  • Apple production is primarily situated in eastern part of China, with Shaanxi and Shandong provinces producing 9 million MTs (25% of Chinese output) and 8.3 million MTs (23% of Chinese output) in 2011, respectively

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