Increasing alcohol consumption in China tied to the nation’s economic expansion is raising the imports of sorghum from the United States. The grain is used to make baijiu, a traditional Chinese spirit. The International Grains Council said China’s imports of US sorghum may be even greater than US farm officials thought. reported the council as saying that so far for 2013 to 2014 it has received orders for 400,000 tons of sorghum, most of which will be shipped through November to southern China…Full-text article: China Daily Aug 2013

Key Points

  • According to the article, foreign produced liquors only account for 2% of spirits consumption (by volume) in China
  • In July 2013, the UK-based Diageo Plc, the world’s largest liquor producer by sales, stated it will acquire the remaining shares of Sichuan Chengdu Shuijingfang Group, also known as SJF Holdco, for 233 million pounds ($357.6 million). SJF Holdco is major Chinese producer of baijiu.

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