Worry not about escalating trade disputes and such mundane things. It’s party time at this wine bar, which is “disguised” as a cave dwelling in the arid hills of Yan’an, Shaanxi province. The windows of the bar are pasted over by paper cuttings in the likeness of Alberto Fernandez, managing partner of wine import company Torres China. As one of the main wine importers in China, Fernandez is like the other 2,000 or so importers and traders in the country’s wine industry, the world’s fifth-largest market. All stand to be affected by possible tax and price rises resulting from an investigation launched by the Ministry of Commerce on June 5…Full-text article: China Daily June 2013

Key point

  • According to a UK-based research institute, from 2011 to 2012, Chinese wine imports increased 10% to 266 million liters of bottled of wine, of which, 48% originated from France and over 66% from the EU as a whole

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