Bottled water company Nongfu Spring said yesterday it had decided to cease production of barreled water in Beijing permanently following a temporary suspension order imposed by the capital’s quality watchdogs in a dispute over standards. The company said that nearly 100,000 residents in the city who had prepaid would be given five 4-liter bottles of its water produced in other provinces instead of their usual 19-liter barrel. A 19-liter barrel cost 20 yuan (US$3.2) while five 4-liter bottles cost 35 yuan…Full-text article: Shanghai Daily May 2013

Key point

  • According to Nongfu Spring, they use the water quality standard (#DB33833) of Zhejiang province, which covers 57 quality measures. At the same time, Fujian province has 28 quality measures, Hunan province 37, Chongqing has 25, and Guangdong has 40 measures.

ChinaAg Comment

  • In April 2013, a rival bottle water company based in Guangdong province claimed Nongfu Spring produces substandard water

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