China was forced to buy wheat imports to boost state reserves for the first time in almost a decade this month as a result of deterioration in its massive but aging state stockpiles, analysts said. China’s stocks were estimated to be enough to meet demand for six months, but substandard storage facilities have damaged part of the crop, some of which dates back to 2010…Full-text article: South China Morning Post Apr 2013

Key points

  • In early April 2013, China’s state stockpiler, Sinograin, imported nearly 1 million MTs of soft red winter wheat. An additional 2-3 million MTs expected according to an analyst with Beijing Orient Agri-business Consultant Co. Ltd.
  • Some wheat in Henan province, China’s largest provincial grain producer, has become moldy due to poor storage conditions in facilities operated by Sinograin

ChinaAg Comment

  • In 2011, Henan province produced 31.2 million MTs of wheat or 27% of Chinese output

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