The concept of a “convenience” store jars with 55-year-old retired doctor Xu Zeng ever since her nearest one, just downstairs from her apartment in Liwan district of Guangzhou, closed. Xu now has to walk for at least 20 minutes every morning to get a bottle of hot milk or steamed stuffed buns for breakfast. “Store closures are common here. There is always a shop closing while another opens,” said Xu with a shrug…Full text-article: China Daily Apr 2013

Key points

  • In terms of new store openings per year, Wal-mart (American) plans to open ~33 per year, Carrefour (French) 20-25 per year, Metro Group  (German) also 20-25 per year, and Tesco Plc intends to add 16 per year
  • One of the fast-growing retailers is the Fujian-based Yonghui Superstores Co, with 28% of households in Beijing visiting the chain within the past year. Yonghui attributes their growth to their focus on fresh products, which occupies 40-50% of a single store’s floor space.

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