When Yang Xiaolu, a resident in Beijing, lobbied the local education authorities to order schools in the city to stop using genetically modified (GM) soybean oil three years ago, he never expected the battle would be so hard. Yang and a number of other parents formed a group in 2010 after they found that not only canteens at their children’s schools but also most other schools and universities in Beijing use GM cooking oil…Full-text article: Global Times Mar 2013

Key points

  • The article quoted the average price for a 5-liter bottle of GM soybean oil at major Chinese supermarkets ranged from 40-50 yuan (~US$6.38) or roughly one-third less than the price of non-GM soybean oil
  • Since 2009, China’s Ministry of Agriculture has issued safety certificates for GM varieties of tomatoes, papaya, and potato

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