Wang Chenfu has spent nearly four decades growing wheat. Being a traditional farmer most of his life, he is thrilled at the sight of how technology has helped increase production on his land. “Thanks to new fertilizer techniques, wheat yield per mu (0.067 hectare) now reaches 550 kg. I never would have dreamed of that,” said the 55-year-old villager of Yishui county in east China’s Shandong Province. The land in Wang’s village used to be sterile, due to high levels of phosphorus. When he first learned to farm, grain output per mu in China was less than 100 kg. Now, average yield for each unit is 330 kg per mu…Full-text article: The Global Times Feb 2013

Key point

  • A wheat breeding expert from the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences noted that “Jimai 22”, a disease and root-lodging resistant wheat strain, set a Chinese production record of 0.79 MT per mu (~11.7 MTs per hectare).

Note by ChinaAg

  • In 2011, the average wheat yield in China was 4.8 MTs per hectare. Please see Grains for more information.

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