The consumption of regenerated water reached 750 million cubic meters in 2012, making it the second largest water source of Beijing. This year, Beijing will build another six renewable water factories and increase the renewable water consumption to 800 million cubic meters.

The reclaimed water is widely used for industrial water, agricultural irrigation and urban greening, according to Beijing Water Authority. At present, 185,000 mu (12,333 hectares) is being irrigated by recycled water. In addition, nine of the city’s thermal power plants uses recycled water. The industrial sector uses some 140 million cubic meters per year. In 2012, the city used 3.65 billion cubic meters water, 750 million of which were reclaimed water, accounting for 20% of the total number.

Due to severe water shortage, Beijing has carried out a strict water resources management system in recent years. A spokesperson for Beijing Water Authority said that although the amount of precipitation in 2012 was more than before, reservoir storage capacity didn’t grow noticeably due to a lack of upstream water. For this reason, Beijing has to continue to save water as to face the long-term water resources shortage.

Source: Feb 2013

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