With the coming of the Spring Festival, a traditional shopping boom appears in the Chinese consumer market.

Data published by Taobao.com on Jan. 16 reveals that 4.8 million customers came to do their Spring Festival shopping on Taobao since Jan. 8 when Taobao started its Spring Festival sales. Particularly, 4.5 million customers bought groceries valued at about 1.1 billion yuan [US$180 million].

Moreover, chocolate is the most popular food among online shoppers on Taobao, which accounts for 13.8% of the total food sales, with imported chocolate appearing more welcomed than domestic brands, which occupied the top 5 spots in sales.

Meanwhile, Yihaodian, the largest online supermarket in China, also confirmed the popularity of online grocery shopping. According to data from Yihaodian published on Jan. 16, nuts and various snacks are the most popular items for the Spring Festival, sales of nuts in 2012 increasing eightfold from sales last year.

Imported food also attracted more customers to Yihaodian. The number of consumers buying imported products accounted for about 24%, increasing from the average of 13% on ordinary days. Another factor has been A Bite of China, a hot TV program introducing traditional Chinese food made by ordinary families across China, which has made traditional snacks and cakes especially popular.

Data from Taobao reveals that in the seven days after Jan. 18, 265,000 customers bought traditional snacks and cakes online with a total transaction value of 19.92 million yuan, 20% above sales last year.

Source: Morning Whistle Jan 2013

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