The chemical oxygen demand (COD) and ammonia emissions of China’s livestock and poultry breeding in 2010 accounts for 45% and 25% of national total emissions respectively, latest figures show. China’s Ministry of Environment Protection and Ministry of Agriculture released the statistics recently.

The COD and ammonia emissions of livestock and poultry breeding reached about 11,840,000 tons and 65,000 tons respectively, accounting for 95% and 79% of agriculture pollutant resources respectively.

For a long time, industrial pollution has been considered to be the main cause of the nation’s pollution. While census in the past a couple of years found out that nearly half of pollution came from agricultural non-point source pollution. The livestock and poultry breeding were regarded as a main source of pollution by circles of environment science, but without official statistics.

The lag in prevention work leads to increasingly serious pollution, according to China Environment News reports. Pollution of livestock and poultry breeding has become the most important factors of pollution source. According to plan, as of the year of 2015, the COD and ammonia emissions should be reduced by at least 8% and 10% respectively compared with that of 2010, according the report.

Source: People’s Daily Online Jan 2013

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